Undergraduate Courses

English 219: Principles of Literary Study

English 226: British Literature 1800-present (Honors)

English 307: Early Romantic Literature

English 308: Later Romantic Literature

English 392: Issues and Problems in the 19th century: the two cultures

English 436: Nineteenth-Century Seminars: “Romanticism and Beyond,” “Romanticism, Secularism, Modernity,” “Romantic Politics” (theory course)

Graduate Courses

CLEN 6300:  “The Political Possibilities of Romanticism” (Spring 2012); taught at Columbia via the consortium.

English 536: “Romanticism and Epistemology” (2002); “Writings of the British Romantic Period” (2003, 2005, 2010)

English 632: “Romanticism and Consciousness” (2007)

English 634: “Secularism from Enlightenment to Romanticism” (2008)


An essay on teaching, “The Demands of the Day,” published in Pedagogy in 2010: [PDF]

And a related blog post, over at The Immanent Frame: “Soul Making and Careless Steps” (December 2010)